Jerusalem, 28 September 1995


(Communicated by Jewish Agency Spokesman)

About 82,000 immigrants arrived in Israel in 5755 (1994-5), including about 68,000 from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This is a 9% increase over the previous year, when the country received a total of 75,000 immigrants. The downward trend in the number of immigrants from Russia continued, while there was a 40% increase in immigration from Central Asia, a 62% increase Belarus and 31% from Moldova. Aliyah from Ukraine was up by 24% this year, from 18,860 to 23,420. About 600 immigrants were to arrive on Thursday, 21.9.95, on seven flights organized by the Jewish Agency. The flights left from Moscow, Kishinev, Tashkent, Baku and Kiev. The last two flights, which arrived from Kiev, carried 195 new immigrants and another 125 young people, who are participating in the "Na’Aleh 16" high school program.

Figures provided by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption show that 3,500 immigrants arrived in 5755 from Western Europe, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year. An increase was also registered in the number of immigrants from Ethiopia 1,300, compared with 910 last year most on the basis of family reunification.

In 5755, a total of 42,976 families arrived in the country. 13.5% of all immigrants hold scientific and academic degrees. 6,500 are engineers and architects, 1,300 are physicians and 240 are attorneys. 16% are members of free trades and technicians, 3,900 are teachers, 1,410 are writers, journalists and artists, 2,000 are nurses and para-medic professionals, and 470 are computer programmers and systems analysts. During 5755, the unemployment rate among immigrants dropped by 30% from about 13% in the beginning of the year to less than 9% today. Most of the new immigrants settled in cities in the center of the country and in the Dan region. 26% chose to live in the north, 13% in the Jerusalem area and a similar number chose the Negev.