Jerusalem, 10 April 1995


(Communicated by Environment Ministry Spokeswoman)

Forty-six Bosnian refugees will tomorrow (Tuesday), 11.4.95, at 11:30 hours, receive permanent resident status in Israel, at a ceremony to be held in the dining hall of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. Environment Minister Yossi Sarid and representatives of the inter-ministerial committee which handled the refugees’ resettlement in Israel will attend the event, during which the new residents will receive their official identity cards.

On 16.2.93, Israel took in 83 refugees from Bosnia, as part of an initiative by Mr. Sarid. For the first few weeks, they were housed at the Ma’agan Michael Field School, and on 1.4.93 they moved to Kibbutz Oren, where those who have decided to remain in Israel still live and work.

Until now, the 46 Bosnians who remain in the country have enjoyed temporary resident status. Since they have now been in Israel for over two years, it has been decided to grant them permanent resident status.