(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) 28 May 1995

At its weekly meeting today (Sunday), 28.05.95, the Cabinet passed the following resolution:


1. On Jerusalem Day, marking the 28th anniversary of the city’s reunification, and on the threshold of the 3000th year of its establishment as the capital of the Jewish people, the Cabinet notes with satisfaction the impressive growth and development of the city since its reunification.

2. The Cabinet bows its head in remembrance of the IDF soldiers who fell in the battle for Jerusalem. May their memory be blessed.

3. The Cabinet will act to strengthen the status of united Jerusalem as the exclusive capital of Israel, and will fight any attempt to impair this status.

4. The Cabinet, in cooperation and coordination with the Municipality of Jerusalem, will do its utmost for the continued strengthening and prosperity of Jerusalem for the welfare of all its residents of all nations and religions.

5. The Cabinet endorses the celebrations marking 3000 years since the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people, and will cooperate fully with the Municipality of Jerusalem to ensure their success.