Jerusalem, 8 August 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today, (Tuesday), 08.08.95:

1. Sitting as the Ministerial Committee on National Security, the Cabinet was briefed on ongoing security matters.

2. The Cabinet concluded its discussion on the issue of immigration and absorption, and decided unanimously as follows:

A. The Finance, Construction and Housing, and Immigrant Absorption Ministers will prepare a three-year plan for 1996-98, the object of which will be to promote solutions for elderly and single-parent family immigrant housing.

B. The Ministerial Committee on Immigrant Absorption will examine ways to promote the favorable utilization of the great human capital inherent in immigration, with the object of providing as many immigrants as possible with employment appropriate to their education.

C. To use relevant bodies in order to reduce to the minimum the phenomenon of alienated immigrant youth, and to promote their integration into the educational system.

D. The Cabinet noted the activities of the various ministries in the field of immigrant absorption, and expressed its appreciation to all those who have participated in the great absorption enterprise.

Similarly, during the discussion, it was pointed out that the Government has set immigrant absorption as a top national objective goal on its list of priorities, and that thanks to the national effort, Israel has absorbed in the latest immigration wave 670,000 immigrants.

3. In the framework of a series of discussions on the 1996 state budget, the Government discussed the 1996 state budget’s list of priorities.

4. The Cabinet approved according to law Interior Minister Ehud Barak’s membership on the Ministerial Committee on National Security.