Jerusalem, 8 November 1995


(Communicated by Prime Minister’s Media Advisor)

In a special Cabinet session held on Wednesday, 08.11.95:

1. The Cabinet met within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs.

During the course of the meeting, the head of the GSS reported on the findings of the investigation committee.

2. The Cabinet decided:

A) to determine that the murder of late Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin, at a rally in Tel Aviv’s Malchei Yisrael Square on 04.11.95, is a matter of vital public importance at this time, and one requiring clarification.

B) to establish a commission of inquiry into the above incident, in accordance with Article 1 of the 1969 Commissions of Inquiry Law.

C) i. The commission will investigate, and determine findings and conclusions with respect to security and intelligence preparations, and the protection of VIPs in general and, in particular, at the rally where the murder took place.

ii. The commission will also be able to present as it sees fit the Cabinet with recommendations following from its findings and conclusions.

D) to inform the President of the Supreme Court of this decision.

3. At the conclusion of the Cabinet session, Acting Prime Minister Shimon Peres expressed his deep appreciation to the GSS, but made it clear that in the event of a mishap or failure such as occurred, it is necessary to investigate the issue in its entirety without any cover-up.

4. The Acting Prime Minister emphasized that the Cabinet will neither be neutral nor show weakness on the issue of terrorism and law-breaking by extremist elements. He asked the Minister of Justice to submit a proposal to centralize enforcement in the hands of one body, to the next Cabinet meeting.

5. The Acting Prime Minister concluded by saying that the Cabinet will defend free speech, but that it is fully determined to prevent the freedom to murder and to incite to murder, with all the means at its disposal.