Jerusalem, 9 April 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today, (Sunday), 09.04.95:

1. Within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security, the Cabinet held a political and security-related discussion following the annual intelligence assessment and the presentation of the IDF’s working plan a few weeks ago.

2. During the cabinet meeting, an initial report on the terrorist attack at Kfar Darom was received. The Cabinet expressed its horror at the incident, and calls on the PLO and the Palestinian Authority to act decisively against the terrorist groups.

3. The Cabinet approved the new collective agreement regarding Asot Ashkelon Ltd. in accordance with the Defense and Finance Ministers’ proposal.

4. The Cabinet heard a report on matriculation examinations for the 1994- 95 school year and was impressed with the increased number of students who passed them as compared with previous years.

5. The Cabinet approved the appointment of Zipora Gal-Yam as Director of Economics and State Revenue at the Finance Ministry.