Jerusalem, 10 September 1995


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting yesterday (Sunday), 10.09.95:

1. Within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security, the Cabinet was briefed on ongoing security matters.

In his summary remarks, the Prime Minister commented on the murder in Halhoul, on incitement and on violence at demonstrations. Among other things, he emphasized the following:

A. The murder of the Palestinian in Halhoul is a serious matter, especially if it turns out that the murderers are Jews. This murder is an example of the murder of an innocent Palestinian, intended to harm the political process, and whoever thinks that attacking Palestinians will halt this process is mistaken.

B. The State of Israel is a democratic state, and its citizens have the right to demonstrate and to protest. However, incitement and the call to violence are very serious actions, and must be stopped. We are witnessing phenomena whereby threats are being made against civil servants, military personnel and police who are all engaged in law enforcement, and are acting within the framework of the law. The violence is being committed by violators of the law, and the Government will give its full support to those enforcing the law.

The Prime Minister also noted that extremist Islamic terrorism is affecting other countries as well such as the attack at the school in Lyon, France late last week.

2. The Government held a comprehensive discussion on the struggle against road accidents, involving intensified enforcement and stiffer punishments. The Government decided to approve a five-point plan conceived by an interministerial committee composed of the Transport, Justice, and Police Ministers. Similarly, the Government decided to charge the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister with the responsibility of locating financial resources for additional police officers, prosecutors and judges, in order to implement the plan.

Within the framework of this plan, the recommendations of a team of legal advisors to increase fines for severe traffic violations to a ceiling of NIS 2,000 were approved. It was also agreed to examine the possibility of making punishments stricter, by revoking driver’s licenses for longer periods than is now customary.

3. The Government ratified an economic and trade cooperation agreement with Ukraine.