Jerusalem, 16 July 1995


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 16.07.95:

1. At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister eulogized the late Deputy Defense Minister Mordechai Gur.

2. The Cabinet, sitting as the Ministerial Committee on National Security, was briefed by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, and IDF and police representatives regarding both the security and budgetary significance of the IDF redeployment, prior to the implementation of the second stage of the agreement with the Palestinians.

3. The Cabinet was briefed on the development and expansion of the Haifa and Ashdod ports in order to respond to the increase in the movement of cargo and travellers, and following the political changes that have been achieved, and are expected, with the states in the area.

4. The Cabinet approved the multi-year budget plan for developments in the Druze and the Circassian sectors, in the areas of education, tourism, religion, health, welfare, building, roads and industry and commerce.

5. The cabinet decided, in accordance with the Broadcasting Authority Law of 1965, to recommend to President Weizman to appoint the members of the plenum of the Broadcasting Authority.

6. The Cabinet approved agreements for cooperation in the areas of culture, science and education with Armenia, a cultural agreement with Luxemburg, and a general cooperation agreement with Congo.