Jerusalem, 17 December 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 17.12.95:

1. The Cabinet, sitting as the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs, was briefed by various security officials.

2. The Cabinet approved the appointment of Judge Edna Arbel as State Attorney.

3. The Cabinet approved the continued tenure of Minister Moshe Shahal on the Committee for the Appointment of Judges, and the Committee for the Appointment of Muslim Religious Judges.

4. The Cabinet approved the appointment of Minister Yehuda Amital to the Committee on the Appointment of Jewish Religious Judges.

5. The Cabinet approved the appointment of attorney Davida Lahman-Messer as Deputy Attorney-General (economic-fiscal).

6. The Cabinet decided, in accordance with Section 30 of the Basic Law: Government, to transfer the powers given to the Communications Minister in accordance with the Second Television and Radio Authority Law, 1990

(except for specific powers involving regional radio broadcasts) to the Prime Minister. This authority had been held by the Prime Minister since 1990, and was personally transferred to Minister Shetreet last year.

With the formation of the new government, the need has been created to legally determine to whom these powers should be transferred. As stated, they have been transferred to the Prime Minister.

7. The Cabinet authorized a series of international economic charters and agreements with various countries.

8. The Cabinet approved a proposed resolution submitted by the Finance Minister involving a reduction in the administrative grant given in development areas 4% in Development Area A (for a total grant of 34%), and 2% in Development Area B (for a total grant of 17%).

The Government plans to completely cancel the administrative grant surplus in 1997. The Cabinet decision does not affect the entitlement to the grant promised to Intel in Kiryat Yam, the joint Volkswagen-Dead Sea Works venture, or any other company which according to the Attorney-General has received a binding legal commitment.

9. The Cabinet was presented with the Attorney-General’s opinion according to which Deputy Ministers are prohibited from proposing private members’ bills or from submitting objections to bills proposed by the Government.

10. The Cabinet recorded the statements of the Finance Minister and of the Communications Minister on the possibility of appointing a receiver for the assets of the Habimah national theater.