Jerusalem, 17 September 1995


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today, Sunday, 17.09.95:

1. At the opening of the Cabinet session, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister extended New Year’s greetings to the entire Jewish People, as well as to members of the Cabinet, and a group of IDF soldiers and officers who were invited to the Cabinet meeting. The Prime Minister wished that Israel would achieve all of its goals the promotion of peace while ensuring security, continued economic growth, and the advancement of education, industry, and immigrant absorption. The members of the Cabinet and the IDF soldiers toasted the New Year.

2. The Cabinet decided that the main issue for 1996 would be education and industry.

3. The Cabinet approved the appointment of Mr. Eliyahu Hason as Director-General of the Transportation Ministry.

4. The Prime Minister briefed the Cabinet on his trip to Ukraine and Russia.

5. The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare briefed the Cabinet on the International Womens’ Conference in Beijing; the Minister of Tourism briefed the Cabinet on the Prime Minister’s Conference on Peace Tourism.