Jerusalem, 26 November 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting today (Sunday) 26.11.95:

1. The Cabinet, sitting as the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs, was briefed on security matters by security officials.

2. The Cabinet approved the appointment of a Ministerial Committee on Legislation and Law Enforcement, and of a Ministerial Committee on Economics, as well as the composition of these committees.

3. The Cabinet approved the appointment of the following Deputy Ministers: MK Eli Ben-Menachem and MK Alex Goldfarb Ministry of Construction and Housing

MK Micha Goldman Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

MK Eli Dayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MK Masha Lubelsky Ministry of Industry and Trade

MK Nawaf Massalha Ministry of Health

MK Walid Sadeq Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

MK Ori Orr Ministry of Defense

MK Salah Tarif Ministry of the Interior

4. The Cabinet authorized the dismantling of the Ministry of Economics and Planning on 31.3.96. The Prime Minister will temporarily hold the post of Minister of Economics and Planning until this date, for the purpose of carrying out the measures required to transfer the Ministry’s powers and areas of activity.

5. Further to its decision on the creation of the Ministry of Public Security, the Cabinet asked the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Public Security and the Minister of Justice in consultation with the Minister of Finance and the Attorney-General to address all matters involving the transfer of home-front defense and related activities from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Public Security.