Jerusalem, 29 August 1995


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting today (Monday), 29.08.95:

1. The Cabinet approved a number of decisions on issues left open within the framework of discussions about the 1996 State Budget. Among other things, it was decided that working women will be entitled to one credit point for each of their children, and that all women will be entitled to half a credit point, equalling a total of 2.75 credit points.

2. At the same time, the arrangement by which all married women are entitled to an additional credit point will not be extended.

3. The Cabinet also approved a reduced National Insurance deduction for the self-employed, and permitted expense deductions from the self-employed as a result of allocations made to training funds.

4. The Cabinet decided to ask the Finance Minister to bring the Cabinet a proposal, by 15.10.95, for increasing State income by NIS 240 million.

5. The Cabinet discussed the employment of foreign workers, and decided to act toward taking full advantage of the existing quota of foreign workers approved for the construction sector (51,000).

6. The Cabinet approved an amendment to statutes protecting tenants according to which 8.75% will be added to basic rental payments for apartments covered by the law on tenant protection.