(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat) 30 April 1995

At the Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 30.4.95:

1. Responding to a question by one of the ministers, on the subject of land expropriation in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister clarified that this is an expropriation approved by him and by those authorized to do so, in order to expand the neighborhoods of Ramot and Gilo, which are part of united Jerusalem. The areas in question are contiguous to these neighborhoods, and are owned by both Jews and Arabs.

2. The Cabinet decided that the support committee in each ministry will publish lists of the names of public institutions authorized to receive support, in accordance with the 1985, Budget Foundations Law, as well as the amount of support approved for each institutions.

3. The Cabinet heard a report from the Finance Minister about his visit to China, and about the growing cooperation between Israel and China in various fields.

4. The Cabinet approved the Prime Minister’s trip to the United States, for meetings with President Clinton and AIPAC.