Jerusalem, 25 January 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

The Ministerial Committee for Supervising Construction in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, headed by the Prime Minister, today (Wednesday), 25.1.95, approved construction projects in Ma’aleh Adumim, Beitar, Givat Ze’ev and the Jordan Valley, as follows:

1. Ma’aleh Adumim

A. To build 797 housing units which were marketed in 1994.

B. To spread out the 1995 marketing marketing plan (1,080 housing units) over two years, so that no more than 500 units will be sold in 1995. The rest will be sold in 1996.

C. All infrastructure development costs will be paid by the homeowners. The government will promote interim funding as required for development work.

D. Mortgage amounts and terms will be in accordance with the accepted personal entitlement level in Jerusalem.

E. Continuation of planning moves regarding other sites in Ma’aleh Adumim will be subject to approval from the Ministerial Committee.

F. The Civil Administration will act to locate an alternate area on state-owned land for settling the Jahalin tribe.

2. Beitar

A. To approve the 1,026 housing units which were marketed in 1994.

B. To continue planning of 900 housing units intended to be marketed

(detailed plan 4261/3/1). Upon completion of planning, the Committee will discuss the pace of marketing.

C. Regarding 1,026 housing units which were marketed in 1994, NIS 50,000 in local aid will be given, including a grant of NIS 25,000, in accordance with the decision to this end made in July 1994. The time for extending the loan and utilizing it, will be in accordance with local loan procedures.

3. Givat Ze’ev

A. Building and development of 340 housing units in the Neve Menachem neighborhood will be completed.

B. The potential of private land located within the built-up area of Givat Ze’ev (about 800 housing units) will be realized.

4. Jordan Valley

A. Budgetary construction of 50 housing units will be carried out, according to the following breakdown:

Shdemot Mehola – 10 housing units.
Ro’i – 8 housing units.
Hamra – 8 housing units.
Argaman – 8 housing units.
Yafit – 6 housing units.
Tomer – 10 housing units.