The Foreign Ministers of Israel, Mauritania and Spain met today in Barcelona and decided as follows:

1. Spain has accepted at the request of Israel to represent Israeli interests in Mauritania through its Embassy in Nouakchott.

2. Spain has also accepted at the request of Mauritania to represent Mauritanian interests in Israel through its Embassy in Tel Aviv.

3. In this respect and in order to implement the above mentioned, both Israel and Mauritania decided mutually to assign a diplomat, as head of the interests sections in the Embassies of Spain in Nouakchott and Tel Aviv. These diplomats will enjoy the same status as the Spanish diplomatic personnel.

4. The Governments of Israel and Mauritania thank the Government of Spain for its wilingness to accept this role, and express their wish that this third party representation will develop soon into full diplomatic relations.

Barcelona, 27 November 1995

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritania The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain