Jerusalem, 3 October 1995


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

An Israeli delegation led by Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General Eytan Bentzur will, on Thursday, 05.10.95, leave for Brussels to continue discussions in the framework of due to take place on. preparations for the Barcelona Conference, 27-28.11.95

A coordinating meeting will be held in Brussels with the participation of Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, 11 countries Tunisia, Malta, Algeria, and Morocco), the (Egypt, Palestinian Authority, representatives of the EU troika (Spain, representatives of the EU Commission. France, and Italy), and

This is the second of three rounds of meetings in preparation for the Barcelona Conference, with the final preparatory meeting scheduled one day before the Conference’s opening. This round of discussions follows the first round which took place on 27.07.95 with a number of Mediterranean and. and bilateral discussions European countries, and the EU troika

During the meeting in Brussels, participants will attempt to agree a on political declaration to be signed at the November conference by participating Foreign Ministers. the

In addition to the European desire to inaugurate a new Mediterranean policy designed to increase regional security and stability three parts: political-security, economic, and (which contains in social-humanitarian order to create a Mediterranean partnership that will promote stability, security, social welfare and free trade toward the year 2010). In addition to Europe’s willingness to allocate $6.1 billion to be distributed between the countries of the Mediterranean on a bilateral and regional basis over the next five years the conference is also unique because of Syrian-Lebanese participation in a single forum alongside Israel, for the first time since the 1991 Madrid Conference. The Syrian delegation which attended the July meeting will also participate in and is headed by Syrian Deputy Planning. the upcoming meeting, Minister Dr. Ismail

Israel will participate in the conference and wishes to contribute to the success of the process, whose strategy completely corresponds goals of the peace process in our region. with the