Jerusalem, 24 May 1999

Absorption Minister Edelstein to Greet New Group of Kosovo Refugees

(Communicated by Absorption Ministry Spokesman)

Immigrant Absorption Minister Yuli Edelstein will on Wednesday, 26.5.99, at 17:00, greet a second group of 100 Kosovo refugees, upon their arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport.

The new arrivals will receive the same assistance as did the first group and they will be housed at Kibbutz Keramim in the south. The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption will provide members of the group with pocket money and transportation to the kibbutz.

In accordance with a decision by the Ministerial Committee on Kosovo Refugees, headed by Minister Edelstein, the government will cover the expenses of assistance incurred by the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for providing aid and covering costs for new immigrants during their first six months in the country.