September 1, 1999

Agritech 99 Exhibition

(Communicated by the Israel Export Institute Spokesman)

Haifa will, between 5-9 September 1999, host the Agritech 99 Exhibition – the largest agricultural exhibition ever held in Israel. There will 350 exhibits spread over the 44,000 square meters of the Exhibition Center. Over 8,000 buyers from around the world are expected to participate, compared to the 7,000 buyers who attended Agritech 96. Also attending will be over 40 delegations, including foreign, economic and agricultural ministers. Over 100,000 visitors are expected.

Over 2,000 participants from Latin America, 1,500 from India, 300 from China, 150 from the Republic of Korea, 100 from Japan, 300 from South East Asian countries, 600 from Eastern Europe, 150 from South Africa, 400 from East and West Africa and Arab delegations from Egypt, Jordan and Morocco are expected. The Export Institute has produced explanatory material in Chinese, Russian, Thai, Polish and other languages.

The Director of the Export Institute’s Agricultural Department, Yitzhak Kiryati, notes that Israel is expected to export over $1.5 billion in agricultural goods and products in 1999. Half of this is chemicals and fertilizers, and the remainder consists of irrigation equipment, greenhouses, advanced computer and automation technology and flowers, seeds, saplings, poultry and agricultural products.

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