Contacts between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Media Adviser)
25 January 1999

Contrary to statements issued by persons in the Palestinian Authority, claiming that contacts between Israel and the PA have been halted with the dismissal of Defense Minister Mordechai, the opposite is true:

Contacts are being maintained both on the level of the joint committees and on the highest level between Israel and the PA. Meetings are held on the basis of the policy of advancing peace and maintaining security; not every meeting is publicized.

Those who truly wish to advance peace on the basis of reciprocity and security do not need to publicize every meeting – and that is also the desire of the Palestinians.

It is absurd that while such meetings are being held at the request of the Palestinians, there are those within the Palestinian Authority who publish these statements.

The Palestinians will not determine who are the Israeli leaders, and every attempt to interfere in the Israeli election campaign will be firmly rejected by the Israeli public.