Deputy FM Massalha Heads Israeli Delegation to Donors Conference in Tokyo

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
14 October 1999

Deputy Foreign Minister, MK Nawaf Massalha, is heading the Israeli delegation to the Ad Hoc Laison Committee of the Donor Conference that convenes tomorrow Friday (15.10.99) in Tokyo. The chairmen of the conference are the foreign ministers of Norway and Japan. Participants in the conference include: Palestinian Authority representatives headed by Chairman Yasser Arafat, representatives of the co-sponsors the United States and Russia, and representatives of the European Union and of Arab countries.

Massalha, who arrived in Tokyo today, met with Japanese Foreign Minister Yohei Kono and briefed him on current developments in the peace process. Mr. Kono expressed the Japanese government’s satisfaction with these developments and praised Israel’s keeping of commitments.

In the course of the conference tomorrow the Deputy Foreign Minister will address the participants. Also a joint working document of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the donor countries is to be signed. The document, called "Tripartite Action Plan", defines the framework of donor country activity in the region. The document will be signed by Deputy Minister Massalha and by Nabil Sha’at. The Norwegian Foreign Minister, Ambassador Miguel Moratinos and others will sign as witnesses.

During the Tokyo visit, the Deputy Foreign Minister is expected to meet with the Palestinian Authority Chairman, the Norwegian Foreign Minister and with several senior Japanese officials.