Dr. Yehoshua Glightman Appointed Singapore’s First Honorary Consul in Israel

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
22 April 1999

Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific Yitzhak Shelef today (Thursday), 22.4.99, granted Dr. Yehoshua Glightman the government’s consent to his appointment as Singapore’s first Honorary Consul in Israel. Singapore’s non-resident Ambassador to Israel, Thambynathan Jasudasen arrived from Paris to attend the event.

Yehoshua Glightman has served the Industry and Trade Ministry as Director-General and Chief Scientist and today is Managing Director of Ampal. The Singaporean government requested that he represent it in Israel as its first Honorary Consul. In this context, Mr. Glightman will work to strengthen bilateral relations by emphasizing the development of economic and cultural relations.

The scope of bilateral trade in 1998 reached approximately $0.5 billion. Israel and Singapore established diplomatic relations in 1969. Israel has had an embassy in Singapore since 1969; in 1996, Singapore named its Ambassador to France as its non-resident Ambassador to Israel. Singapore’s decision to open an Honorary Consulate in Israel constitutes an additional step in strengthening bilateral relations.