Fifth Anniversary of Terror Attack at AMIA Building in Buenos Aires

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
19 July 1999

On the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack at the Jewish community building in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Foreign Minister David Levy issued the following statement yesterday (Sunday), 18.7.99:

Five years have passed since the terrible attack at the AMIA Jewish community building in Buenos Aires, an attack which took the lives of 86 people and injured hundreds more.

These have been five years of pain, of an open wound in the heart of the families of the victims — joined with the pain of the families of those killed in the murderous attack against the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires seven years ago.

This pain continues, and is even more anguishing since those responsible for the two terrorist attacks have yet to be found and brought to justice.

On this sad day, we vow not to remain silent or to rest until those guilty of these attacks are apprehended, and we express our hope that the Argentine government will make every effort to ensure that those responsible for these horrendous acts are both brought to justice and punished.

The Government of Israel will continue its uncompromising battle against terrorism, wherever it should manifest itself, and through cooperation with all parties involved, in Israel and abroad, for the sake of eradicating this scourge.