FM David Levy Meets Jordanian FM Al-Khatib

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
23 August 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy met this morning (Monday), 23.8.99, with his Jordanian counterpart, Abdul Ilah Al-Khatib on the occasion of the dedication of a new Jordan River bridge. The two men discussed moving forward on the economic projects that had been decided upon during Foreign Minister Levy’s previous visit to Jordan, the resumption of the multilateral talks and the state of the political process.

Foreign Minister Levy said that he intends to move forward on the desalination project, to which he attaches maximum importance. He noted that he discussed the project in his recent talks with the Dutch, Norwegian and Finish Foreign Ministers, respectively.

Foreign Minister Levy updated his Jordanian counterpart on the negotiations with the Palestinians and the steps which the Israeli Government has taken to resolve the issues of the Gaza port and secure passage.

Foreign Minister Levy pointed out that the Palestinian demand to release prisoners is not anchored in the agreement and is creating an unnecessary crisis which is clouding the atmosphere and delaying the process.