FM Levy Letter to World Foreign Ministers

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
20 July 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy today (Tuesday) 20.7.99, sent a letter to over 140 of his fellow foreign ministers around the world, via Israel’s missions abroad.

Foreign Minister Levy stated that the Israeli government is determined to advance the peace process. The expected negotiations will not be easy and will require mutual concessions, but the experience accumulated in the peace process since the 1991 Madrid Conference leaves considerable room for hope. Strengthening economic and social bonds among the countries of the region must win priority since the success of the peace process depends on them.

Foreign Minister Levy also said that Israel will conduct the negotiations with the intention of achieving a full regional peace and with the belief that this goal is attainable. Israel asks that its negotiating partners adopt a similar position.

Foreign Minister Levy noted that the parties will have to make difficult decisions and expressed the hope that the international community will help and support the diplomatic effort made by the negotiating parties.

He added that peace must provide security, emphasizing the need for the peace process to be accompanied by an encouraging public opinion and the strengthening of the willingness of nations to live together.

Foreign Minister Levy concluded by expressing his desire to strengthen relationships with his fellow foreign ministers in order to advance bilateral dialogues between Israel and the countries of the world and to advance the Middle East peace process.