FM Levy Meets British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hoon

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
27 July 1999

Foreign Minister David today (Tuesday) 27.7.99, met British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Geoffrey Hoon.

FM Levy briefed his guest on Israeli relations with the countries of the region and stated that he places great importance to the good relations between Israel and Britain and to the strengthening of these bilateral, as well as Israeli-European, relations in general. He emphasized that the European Union should not take unilateral steps since they do not help the peace process. "The European Union should adopt a balanced position that would encourage the peace process and reduce tensions between the parties."

Regarding Britain, FM Levy said that Britain could help promote relations between Israel and the Persian Gulf states up to full diplomatic relations. "The most important thing today is to reduce the dangers in the area and to strengthen [the countries] economies. It is important that these trends be encouraged, especially in the Gulf," he said.

Minister of State Hoon expressed optimism at the establishment of the new government in Israel and the willingness of the British government to help the parties advance the peace process.