FM Levy Meets El Salvadoran Ambassador Alfaro

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
24 November 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy met this morning (Wednesday), 24.11.99, with El Salvadoran Ambassador to Israel Rafael Alfaro who is returning to El Salvador. The Foreign Minister informed Ambassador Alfaro of his intention to visit El Salvador early next year – as an expression of the friendship between the Israeli and El Salvadoran peoples, and in appreciation of the fact that El Salvador has located its embassy in Jerusalem.

Foreign Minister Levy also informed Ambassador Alfaro that he will be asking Yad Vashem to commemorate El Salvador’s contribution in rescuing Jews after World War II – after Ambassador Alfaro had drawn the Foreign Minister’s attention to the fact that the El Salvadoran government provided 40,000 citizenship certificates to Hungarian Jews is, as yet, unrecognized anywhere. Foreign Minister Levy responded that "it is the State of Israel’s moral obligation to see that this fact is acknowledged, so that this point of light is etched not only in stone, but also in our hearts."