FM Levy Meets EU Special Envoy Moratinos

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
27 July 1999

Foreign Minsiter David Levy today (Tuesday) 27.7.99, met European Union Special Envoy Miguel Moratinos who invited FM levy to attend the openning session of the Council of Ministers in Brussels in September.

Mr. Moratinos said that the European Union will help the Israeli government’s efforts to advance the peace process and would adopt the position taken by FM Levy to set a code of behavior that will obligate the parties not to rely on international intervention during the negotiations. He added that the EU is interested in completing the association agreement with Israel and for full Israeli participation in the fields of science and economics.

FM Levy told Moratinos that Israel is interested in strengthening erlations with the EU and wants to maintain close and continuous contact. He hoped that the EU would avoid taking unilateral positions which are not constructive and bely relations of trust.