FM Levy Meets Finnish FM Halonen

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
2 August 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy met today (Monday), 2.8.99, with Finnish Foreign Minister Tarja Halonen (Finland currently chairs the European Union); the two discussed the peace process at length.

Minister Halonen promised to aid the peace process to the best of her ability and referred to the EU’s desire for full cooperation with Israel in the future. She expressed both her and the EU’s support for the Israeli government and its political momentum, and discussed Europe’s place in the process.

The two foreign ministers also discussed the EU’s rules of political conduct. Foreign Minister Levy said that "It cannot be that every time there is a disagreement, it will be discussed in international forums."

Minister Halonen invited Minister Levy to address the EU Council of Foreign Ministers at the beginning of September, and also proposed that the multilateral talks be resumed.

The EU’s special envoy to the peace process, Miguel Moratinos, also attended the meeting. He raised the issue of the EU’s support and assistance on economic matters and said that the EU is trying to identify areas in which it will be able to render assistance, such as the Gaza port, industrial parks and especially the finding of new water resources.