FM Levy Meets Jordan Ambassador Rifa’i

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
22 July 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy met yesterday morning (Wednesday), 21.7.99, with Jordanian Ambassador Omar Rifa’i to discuss Jordan Foreign Minister Abdullah al-Hatib’s invitation for Minister Levy to visit Jordan. Minister Levy spoke of his deep admiration for King Abdullah, gained during his recent meeting with the King, and said that the time has come for Israel and Jordan to determine an agenda to advance both common issues and cooperation, and the peace process.

"The objective of this government is not to advance the peace process — but to achieve it," Foreign Minister Levy said, noting the need for direct dialogue and open channels between the two countries and emphasizing Jordan’s importance in achieving peace.

Ambassador Rifa’i said that Jordan awaits an early visit by Foreign Minsiter Levy, who is regarded as "a friend and great brother," in Jordan. He added that, "King Abdullah is dedicated to the peace process as was his father before him."