FM Levy Meets New Japanese Ambassador Shigeta

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
4 October 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy today (Monday) 4.10.99, met with the Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Shigeta to discuss the peace process, the multilateral talks and the upcoming donor nations conference in Tokyo later this month.

The Foreign Minister said that Israel wants multilateral talks alongside the bilateral track as they "express the fruits of peace". He added that the peace process is impossible to stop, nor should it become a hostage to the Syrian refusal to join. "This opportunity must not be missed," said the Minister.

Levy emphasized that his participation at the donor nations conference in Japan is intended "to encourage and strengthen" the peace process. One of the conference’s objectives is to aid the Palestinian economy, and the Foreign Minister expressed the hope that it will not turn into a platform for recriminations between the parties.

Ambassador Shigeta said that Japan wishes to be involved in the peace process and would like to host the talks of the Working Group on the Environment in early December.