FM Levy Meets with Japanese Diet Delegation

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
18 August 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy today (Wednesday) 18.8.99, met with a delegation from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the Japanese Diet. The Foreign Minister stressed the great importance that Israel attaches to the political, moral and financial support that Japan gives to the Middle East peace process, and for hosting the Donors Conference this October.

Foreign Minister Levy updated the Japanese delegation on developments in the peace process, welcomed the Japanese aid in the construction of the Sheikh Hussein Bridge (the Jordan River Bridge) which will be dedicated on Monday with the participation of the Foreign Minister, Jordan Foreign Minister al-Hatib and the Japanese delegation.

The Foreign Minister also briefed the Japanese delegation on his recent visit to Jordan and his meeting with King Abdullah and said that he would welcome all aid to Jordan and the region to held find additional water sources.

With regard to the peace process, the Foreign Minister said that one of the most important subjects to be discussed with the Palestinians will be the finding a mutually acceptable code of conduct which will obligate both sides, "It is inconceivable that at a time when we preparing to implement peace agreements and fulfill our commitments, the other side uses every available forum to try and sabotage the peace process," said Levy.