FM Levy to head negotiations

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
8 September 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy will head the negotiating team with the Palestinians on the permanent settlement. Abu-Mazen will head the Palestinian team.

The Foreign Ministry has instructed his staff to prepare accordingly.

At todays Cabinet meeting that approved the Sharm el-Sheikh agreement, Minister Levy said, In coming to present the agreement, I ask each of you not to act either argumentatively or in jubilation. With the hope and efforts we are investing to advance the peace process, we all have both sadness and worry in our hearts. The government has to persevere in its dialogue with the settlers, show understanding for their concerns and take all necessary steps to guarantee their security. This is the governments basic responsibility towards citizens who have built their homes and lives in these places in accordance with decisions by Israeli governments. Today this is required more than ever. While implementing the agreements we have committed ourselves to, the Israeli government will face difficulties and maybe even dangers. We must insist and verify that the other side strictly maintains the commitments it has taken upon itself.