FM Sharon to Take Part in Barcelona Process Meeting

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
14 April 1999

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon will take part in a meeting of foreign ministers of states participating in the Barcelona process, scheduled to take place in Stuttgart, Germany from 15-16.4.99.

The Barcelona process, whose participants include 15 EU states and 12 states of the Mediterranean area, came about as a result of a European initiative in order to contribute to security and peace in the Mediterranean area.

The process comprises three general areas of activity:

  • Political-Security: Activities intended to build trust and dialogue in order to advance regional peace and stability.
  • Economic: Activities intended to strengthen co- operation in various economic and commercial spheres.
  • Social-Cultural: Activities intended to foster understanding between peoples.

Until the present time, a number of meetings have taken place, the most important of which were conducted at the foreign ministerial level, in Malta in April 1997, and Palermo in June 1998.

FM Sharon will present Israel’s plan for a regional program of brackish water desalination, which would bring a solution to the water shortages in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Autonomous area. Foreign Minister Sharon will propose that the European states become partners in the advancement of this important project.