FM Sharon to Visit Russia

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
19 January 1999

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon will make an official three day visit to Russia, beginning today (Tuesday) 19.1.99. During the visit he will meet Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, and the Russian Defense and Interior Ministers, as well as other senior government officials. Foreign Minister Sharon will discuss with his hosts strategic-diplomatic issues relating to the Middle East, the peace process with the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon, as well as bilateral issues. He will raise the threat facing Israel as a result of Russian military and technological aid being provided to Iraq and Iran in the fields of non-conventional weapons and ballistic missiles.

During his visit, Sharon will meet with Jewish community leaders in Russia, brief Israeli immigration and education emissaries and give a speech to the Russian Jewish Congress. Sharon stated, "The main message that I bring to the Jewish community is that everything must be done to renew the flow of immigration from Russia and other CIS countries, so that we may bring another million immigrants to Israel — this is Israel’s number one national mission."