FM Spokesman: The Sheinbein Affair

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
25 February 1999

In reponse to journalists’ questions regarding the Supreme Court’s decision in the Sheinbein case and its effect on American-Israeli relations, the Foreign Minsitry Spokesman, on Thursday, 25.2.99, said that one of the important common principles to both countries is their adherence to the rule of law. In this case, a decision was made by Israel’s highest judicial authority — the Supreme Court — which is greatly honored and respected in Israel and abroad.

The decisions of the Supreme Court are of course completly autonomous in the framework of complete respect for the principle of the separation of powers.

Israel believes that the American public and its leaders, in recognition of and out of respect for our common values, will understand that the decision is proper.

It must be emphasized that the man is not being released, but will stand trial and his punishment will be decided by an Israeli court in accordance with the law. In the event that he is found guilty, he will serve his sentence like any other criminal.