IDF Field Hospital in Turkey

Update: August 24, 1999

The IDF field hospital was set up on Friday, August 20 in the city of Adapazari in Turkey, with a medical staff of 30 doctors, 35 medics, nurses, paramedics and X-ray technicians, as well as 30 administrative support staff, numbering in total about 100 persons.

The hospital comprises an emergency room, an operating room, a delivery room, an intensive care room, a children’s ward, an orthopedic ward, X-ray, and laboratories. Initially established in an abandoned building, the hospital was transfered to tents after a series of aftershocks aroused concern that the building might collapse. When heavy rains flooded the children’s ward, the entire staff worked throughout the night to transfer them to a new, dry tent.

Over 370 patients have been treated to date, including surgery and treatment of earthquake-related injuries and illnesses. There have been eight births, including two by Caesarean section (whose parents chose to name the babies Israel and Ziona). The number of patients grows from day to day as word of the Israeli field hospital spreads. The official representative of the World Health Organization who visited the hospital was impressed by the work being done, and learned that the local residents prefer to be treated at the Israeli hospital, because of its high reputation.

It is estimated that the hospital will continue to operate for another 4-6 weeks, until the Turkish authorities reorganize the local health services. The hospital is also making preparations for the possible outbreak of infectious diseases (cholera, typhus, etc.).

The medical staff at the hospital work around the clock, and accept every patient, without restriction. They are assisted by local volunteers and members of the Istanbul Jewish community, in medical and administrative tasks, as well as in interpreting for the staff and patients.

 IDF Field Hospital in Turkey-Update 24-Aug-99
 IDF Field Hospital in Turkey-Update 24-Aug-99
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 IDF Field Hospital in Turkey-Update 24-Aug-99
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