Israel Calls to Convene Displaced Persons Committee

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
28 October 1999

Yesterday (Wednesday), 27.10.99, in the wake of a meeting at which Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa, Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul Ila Khatib and Palestinian Authority International Cooperation Minister Nabil Sha’ath called on Israel to accelerate the negotiations of the committee on displaced persons, the Foreign Ministry issued the following statement:

"The Foreign Ministry Spokesman wishes to clarify that, already in September, following the signing of the Sharm a-Sheikh Agreement – which states that "the Continuing Committee on displaced persons shall resume its activity on 1 October 1999" – the Foreign Ministry contacted the involved parties, and requested that a date and place be set for the resumption of the Committee’s work. Israel has yet to receive a response. The Foreign Ministry will again contact Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, and ask that a date be set, as soon as possible, for the Committee to re-convene – at the level of experts and working officials, as at all previous meetings dating back to May 1995."