Jerusalem, 8 November 1999

Israel, Cyprus and Egypt to hold Joint Marine Pollution Exercise

(Communicated by Environment Ministry Spokesman)

In the context of the regional emergency plan for cooperation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea basin in the event of large-scale oil spills, an international exercise will be held between 8-11.11.99 in cooperation with Cyprus and Egypt. This is the third such joint exercise; earlier exercises were held at Larnaca and Port Said.

The scenario for the exercise will be prepared by the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Center for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) to simulate a major pollution event in Haifa Bay and will include the spraying of dispersants by aircraft and ships, protective actions and beach cleaning. The exercise will test Israel’s preparations for dealing with marine pollution and command-and-control systems. The exercise will also examine the cooperation and assistance to be rendered by Egypt and Cyprus.

Experts from Egypt, Cyprus, REMPEC and the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (Ltd.) will observe the exercise.