Israel’s Response to the Signing of a German Compensation Fund Settlement for Slave and Forced Laborers

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
19 December 1999

The Government of Israel expresses its satisfaction at the signing of the Compensation Fund settlement which took place in Berlin on December 17, 1999. Israel expresses its appreciation to the German Government of Chancellor Schroeder for its firm commitment to confront its Nazi past. In addition, Israel appreciates the contributions of President Clinton and Deputy Treasury Secretary Eizenstat in advancing the negotiations.

The Government of Israel expresses its hope that the arrangements relating to the fund’s operation will be implemented as soon as possible, as the time frame is of the utmost importance in view of the advanced age of Holocaust survivors. The importance of the establishment of the fund also applies to the transparency and availability of the information now disclosed concerning the activity of companies during the Holocaust. One hopes that the Future Fund (Article 5 of the Compensation Fund) will promote welcome activity, encouraging the young generation growing up during the coming century to learn the necessary lessons from the Holocaust period, and to eradicate phenomena such as anti-semitism, racism, Holocaust denial and xenophopbia.