Israel’s Virtual "Embassy in Cyberspace"

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
3 February 1999

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs is today officially launching its third generation website:

The Israel Foreign Ministry was the first foreign ministry in the world which decided in 1993 to enter the "information highway" – and also the first Israel government ministry to do so.

The site, like its predecessors, is designed specifically for audiences abroad and provides extensive information about Israel in all areas. While the major language of the site is English, some of the information is available also in Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. A separate site, in Hebrew, designed for Israeli audiences, is under preparation.

The new site includes an advanced search engine, which allows for document search by a wide range of variables, including full text search of some 10,000 pages, as well as numerous photos and images, and video and audio clips.

The major world media regularly direct their Internet readers to the Israel Foreign Ministry for detailed and reliable on-line information about Israel and the Middle East.

In the first 15 hours after its launching, over 8,300 visitors entered the site. It seems certain, then, that the number of visitors to Israel’s "embassy in cyberspace" is expected to far surpass the 20,000 weekly visitors to the current site.

The site is maintained by the Information Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.