Israel to Send Aid to Kosovo Refugees

(Communicated by Foreign Minister’s Spokesman)
30 March 1999

Following the initiative of Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon, it was decided today (Tuesday), 30.3.99, during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to dispatch a special airlift of emergency aid to the refugees from Kosovo. The aid shipment, being organized by the Foreign Ministry, will consist of $100,000 worth of medicines, medical equipment, jackets and tents to be delivered by the IDF.

Foreign Minister Sharon instructed Foreign Ministry Director-General Eytan Bentsur to personally head the delegation and to supervise the aid operation. Preparations for the mission are being coordinated by a special team at the Foreign Ministry Situation Room.

The Foreign Minister emphasized that Israel always stands prepared to extend humanitarian aid to innocent refugees. "This is the moral responsibility of the Jewish people. This is how we have acted in the past, and how we have chosen to act now, in response to the difficult circumstances which have been created."

It is hoped, depending upon conditions on the ground, that the aid shipment will be sent within the next 24 hours.