Jerusalem, 13 May 1999

Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation in Combating Counterfeiting and Copyright Infringement

(Communicated by Ministry of Industry and Trade Spokesman)

Israeli and Palestinian delegations met in Ramallah today (Thursday), 13.5.99, to discuss cooperation on copyright protection and issues concerning industrial relations and bilateral trade. The delegations were led by Ministry of Industry and Trade Director-General Dov Mishor and Palestinian Minister of Industry Sayid Kruntz and his deputy, Abdul-Malk Jabar.

At the meeting, it was agreed to establish a joint team to develop a working plan to deal with matters of copyright infringement, counterfeiting of brand-name goods and the protection of intellectual property. Both sides expressed concern regarding the current situation, and the Palestinians proposed the establishment of a joint "commercial policing" unit to deal with these problems. The unit would include representatives from the relevant ministries and police from both sides.

It was also agreed to establish a joint team that will market the Karni Industrial Zone abroad to potential investors. The team will consist of Israeli and Palestinian businessmen, professionals and academics.

PA Minister of Industry Kruntz emphasized to Dir.-Gen. Mishor that the basic idea is to develop practical solutions that would enable investors at Karni to produce goods for the European Union. A joint team has been establish to coordinate the technical details needed to implement the two parties’ agreements.

Finally, it was decided to establish a new joint industrial park at Atzurin, near Nablus, and to submit the plan for the Kedourie Industrial Park near Tulkarm to Industry and Trade Minister Natan Sharansky for approval.