Israeli Recscue Team to Return from Athens

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
13 September 1999

The Israeli search an d rescue team operating in Athens is completing its work and return tomorrow (Tuesday) 14.9.99 to Israel. At a meeting with Greek President Costis Stephanopoulis and Prime Minister Costis Simitis today, the President thanked the team and the Israeli diplomatic staff, saying, You left your own problems and came here to help us. For this we thank you, and will always be friends.

The Prime Minister expressed his heartfelt thanks to the team for the aid Israel provided.

OC Home Command Major General Gabi Ofir expressed his thanks for the excellent liaison and stated that the rescue team did its best. The President replied, You did more than your best.

Later the team met with Greek Archbishop and the Defense Minister and tomorrow they will take leave of the Mayor of Athens.