Palestinian Authority Approaches MASHAV for Aid

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
18 January 1999

The Foreign Ministry, yesterday (Monday) 18.1.99 announced that the Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation (Mashav) recently received a special request from the Palestinian Authority for help in establishing two date palm plantations, a sheep farm and regional milk centers for Dir el-Balah and Jericho. Israel is considering its response, which would require a special budget and organizational preparations.

During 1998, some 820 Palestinians participated in courses initiated by Mashav in the fields of agriculture, medicine and public health, and for the first time, a course in the role of NGO’s in the peace process (the first part of which was held in Gaza). Mashav is cooperating with the Palestinian Authority Health Department and with two NGOs — the Palestinian Council and the Red Crescent — in developing regional medical projects, including the training of personnel in the Authority’s areas and in Israeli hospitals.

Israel also continues to promote trilateral cooperation with countries in the region and outside it. Recently, Palestinian doctors completed a seminar at Hadassah Hospital, under the auspices of the British government. A multilateral agricultural project between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan and Denmark should also be noted.

Mashav expects that the number of projects, courses and participants in 1999 will be higher than in 1998.