Jerusalem, 8 September 1999

PM Barak Comments on Terrorist Attacks and GSS Ruling

(Communicated by the Prime Ministers Media Adviser)

Following this morning’s detailed Cabinet briefing on the terrorist squad of Islamic Movement activists responsible for the attempted attacks in Tiberias and Haifa, Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak commented on the severity of the affair.

Noting the necessity to act toward the total eradication of internal and external terrorism, and steadfastly warning against any attempt to make generalizations or cast collective aspersions on an entire group of citizens, the Prime Minister reiterated the Government’s commitment to combat terrorism using every means at its disposal, with determination and persistence.

Prime Minister Barak also referred to the recent High Court of Justice decision on the GSS, stating that he is studying the ruling — and that, in his opinion, there must be an authority that can, in time of need, take rapid action to approve necessary interrogations in "ticking bomb" situations which present an immediate danger.