1 November 1999

Successful Arrow Test

(Communicated by Defense Ministry Spokesman)

The Defense Ministry states that at 11:42 hours, today (Monday) 1.11.99, a successful test of the Arrow anti-tactical ballistic missile was conducted by the Air Force. The test included all of the Arrows systems and components.

The target was a simulation of a Scud missile fired from a ship at sea. Preliminary analysis of the results show that all of the systems components, including the Arrow missile itself, the Citron Tree fire management system and Green Pine fire control radar systems operated properly and achieved all of their test objectives. The Green Pine fire control radar obtained the target and the Citron Tree calculated the intercept, upon which the Arrow hit and destroyed the target.

Israel Defense Industrys Malam is the primary contractor for the Arrow; the Green Pine and Citron Tree systems are being developed by Elta Electronics industries Ltd. and Tadiran Systems Ltd. respectively.

The successful test is a significant milestone for the Homa program and in the operational deployment of the Arrow which is intended to provide anti-ballistic missile defense for the State of Israel.