Jerusalem, July 26, 1999

Visit of Abu Ala to Knesset

(Communicated by the Knesset Spokesman)

At the invitation of Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg, Mr Ahmad Qurie (Abu Ala), Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, conducted an official visit to the Knesset on Monday, July 26, 1999.

The two discussed current issues, and the desire to create an appropriate atmosphere for the success of the peace process and cooperation, and for the overcoming of difficulties and obstacles facing the process.

The two also discussed the establishment and development of parliamentary links, the exchange of information and the holding of meetings between the committees of the two parliaments.

The two expressed the need to invest their best efforts, in the context of their parliamentary positions, in in ensuring that the peace process gets on the right track.

These objectives will be achieved by the implementation of a just and stable peace on the basis of the principles of Madrid, the concept of land for peace and UN Resolutions 242 and 338.

At the conclusion of the meeting between the two, Abu Ala expressed his thanks to Knesset Speaker Burg for his invitation to visit the Knesset, and he invited the Speaker to visit the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The two agreed that one of the most important objectives of the visit was the establishment of the process of dialogue, the preparation of public opinion among both peoples and the establishment of a process of "public education" for peace.