Full diplomatic relations between the countries were established on Jan 29, 1992.

 15th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between Israel and India


(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The upgrading of relations between Israel and India was a historic milestone in the long journey to achieve normal and prosperous relations between India and Israel, in accordance with the vision of the fathers of the State of Israel.
The journey started right after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, continued with the opening of the Israeli Consulate in Bombay in the early 1950s, and reached its peak with the establishment of full diplomatic relations on January 29, 1992.
During the last 15 years, Israel’s bilateral relations with India have matured in a wide variety of fields, to the mutual benefit of both countries: trade and economic activities, science and technology, defense and security, art and culture, agriculture and development, and tourism.

Israel and India share similar democratic values and political systems. Both are relatively young states, representing ancient peoples and cultures, which left their mark on the history of human civilization. Both embarked on the nation-building process against many obstacles.

The challenges for our future bilateral relations are no less demanding, as the Asian continent in general, and India in particular, assumes a major role in the world economy and global politics.

The task before us is to continued to strengthen and deepen our relationship and to tap the almost unlimited scope of our bilateral cooperation. Our young, fast-growing and knowledge-based societies and economies provide us with the human and material resources to achieve our bilateral goals.

Israel is fully committed to continue to vigorously advance its promising relations with India, of which both countries will reap  growing benefits in the coming years.