FM Livni: "Israel and the Jewish people are in a mutual struggle on several fronts. We must all stand together in this struggle." 

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

In her address before leaders of the South American chapter of the International Bnei Brith Organization in Jerusalem, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni stated that "Israel and the Jewish people are in a mutual struggle on several fronts. The one front is the struggle against Anti-Semitism; the other is the struggle for Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people. We must all stand together in this struggle, united and with combined strength." 

The Foreign Minister added that "alongside the many pitfalls and dangers, such as the Iranian attempt to manufacture nuclear weapons, there are also opportunities to advance the political situation, provided that these express the fundamental foundations that must form the basis of any settlement: Two states, two homelands, living side by side in peace. This means that in the same way that Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people, so must the Palestinian state provide a solution for the Palestinian people, including a solution for the refugees. The road to a Palestinian state must traverse the war against terror."

Foreign Minister Livni added that "the key to the success of the struggle is the consolidation of a unified international front against the advocators of Anti-Semitism around the world."

With regard to the political process with the Palestinians, FM Livni said that "despite their goodwill, the moderate Palestinians are weak. We are trying to support them, without damaging our security. However, they must also strive to strengthen themselves."  She added that the State of Israel is prepared to provide the Palestinians a political horizon. At the same time, Israel calls on the moderate Arab states to provide Israel with a political horizon, and in this manner contribute to the initiation of the process.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that Israel does not perceive any hope of a shift neither in the Hamas position nor in its ideology anytime in the near future. Therefore, "the international community must continue its pressure on the Palestinian government."