FM Livni will meet with world and business leaders, will address the plenum and participate in panel discussions.

 FM Livni attends World Economic Forum in Davos


FM Livni meets with Jordanian King Abdullah in Davos, Jan 26 (Photo: Yousef A. Allan)

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni arrived in Switzerland last night to take part in the World Economic Forum convening in Davos. During her stay, Minister Livni will hold a series of high-level diplomatic meetings, appear before the conference plenum, and take part in a number of events with leading economic and media figures.

In Davos, FM Livni will meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen, Jordan’s King Abdullah, South African President Mbeki, President Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Swiss President and Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey, Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan-Deng, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Medvedev and Turkish Foreign Minister Gol. Livni will also hold meetings with the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the Organization of American States José Miguel Insulza and with American Senators John McCain and Patrick Leahy.

Minister Livni is scheduled to address the forum plenum on Thursday afternoon, 25 January, as part of a discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Chairman Abu Mazen is also expected to take part in the discussion. Earlier in the day, Livni will meet with a group of Arab businessman and review Israel’s positions on central diplomatic issues.

Minister Livni will also meet with leading intellectuals and media and economic figures, and will participate in a panel of experts on the subject of "Israel’s Image", an inter-religious panel on the "West-Islam Dialogue" and other events.

On Friday morning (26 January) Minister Livni will again appear before the plenum as part of a panel discussion on the subject, "Who Shapes the International Agenda?" Other panel participants include the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and Goldman Sachs President Lloyd Blankfein.